Dentist Says Genes Can Determine Frequency of Decay

Oral health is very important, that is why you need to take care of it on regular basis. If you do a lot care of your teeth, you are brushing and flossing properly, plus you try to eat sweets less, but still you develop the cavities and your friends don’t. At that time you think that this is something bad happening to you. You become more careful with your teeth and yet again more cavities. That is the time you need to go to the doctor to know what is the matter. If you see that your grandparents we also having cavities, that might be a case that you have inherited the weak immunity towards your oral cavity.

The researchers are always struggling to find out new ways to make you aware of different facts about your health. So the journal of Cell Host and Microbe explains that some of the tooth diseases or the problems genetic.

Cavities and the risk factors those are associated

If you have found out that yes that the oral immunity is weak due to your genetics. That means you are prone to cavities with a more ratio than other people have that. Your oral health is endangered because of genes. This means that the bacteria in the oral cavity react fast with the sugar in your mouth while having tea, coffee or ice-cream. Your teeth might be predisposed to make your tooth enamel weak.

Along with genetics if you are weak that means originally you are getting weaker day by day. You must avoid several habits that might compromise your oral health:

  • Use of tobacco
  • Smoking the cigarettes.
  • Oral problems

These are very few remedies if you will do you can get a life with a healthy oral cavity. It is really pinching that you are eating or drinking and there you have severe pain in your tooth. If you would see such problem you might hate your self.

How to prevent frequent tooth decay

As we have discussed that oral hygiene is very important and we also know that everyone cares of their teeth by brushing everyday twice a day. But for the people who have genetically weak oral heath has to take care of  teeth too much.

Smoking Problems

  • Smokers have to quit smoking no matter how tough it is. Smoking is one of the main causes of mouth cancer and cavities.
  • Sometimes the smokers don’t care about the tooth enamel of the teeth. They smoke and suddenly they tend to brush their teeth. Due to hot and cold at once, the enamel of the teeth breaks and make the teeth weak.
  • Tea must be avoided.

Precautionary measures

You need to clean your teeth twice and everyday

Whenever you brush your teeth do it for at least two minutes and not less than that.

Eat fewer sweets, or if you eat them try to clean and wash your teeth after 30 minutes not before that. Within those 30 minutes the enamel of the teeth gets week so doesn’t brush within the 30 minutes of eating, may be the teeth will damage.

The priority should be your health, if you feel any discomfort. You need to approach the doctor as soon as possible. During the checkup the dentist will check your teeth health. If so you have cavities, get them fixed as soon as possible. So the other tooth can also stay healthy. Otherwise you need to go to the dentist and check your oral cavity and get it fixed  for future problems.

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